Friday, January 16, 2009

Clonazepam for Panic Attacks and Phobias?

What medication a patient receives while going through treatment will often depend on what their issues are, how they are trying to handle their issues and who their counselor is. Some counselors see medications as a useful tool that can be of great help when helping someone to deal with their issues, and then there are other counselors who believe that medications should be used sparingly and be avoided when possible. Whether or not the counselor feels it is necessary to use medications in either case will depend greatly on what the patient is going through and what they are seeking help for.

While medications can be useful to many people, they can also cause more problems than help for some because some patients can develop addictions or have serious side effects. There are so many factors to take into consideration before a counselor prescribes a medication, the least of which includes physical and mental side effects. Every individual is unique and each will react differently to medications. Sometimes, doctor and patient will have to go through a trial and error period before they find the right medication, though it doesn???t take too much before finding the right one.

A patient who is suffering from serious panic and anxiety attacks can often have medication prescribed to them to aid in helping them learn to deal with their anxiety. One benzodiazepine in particular, clonazepam will sometimes be offered in order to help the patient calm down. Not only does this particular medication block panic attacks at a faster rate than most antidepressants will, but they also do not have as many side effects. This is not to say that someone will not possibly react negatively to it, it simply means there is not as much of a chance. As was mentioned before, every individual has the possibility of reacting to clonazepam differently than someone else would, because every person???s body is unique. This, of course, is taken into consideration by a doctor who is thinking of prescribing this or any other medication.

For anyone thinking of possibly taking this medication who may have questions, or would like to learn more about it, there is online therapy that one can go to in order to learn more. Searching for online counseling and contacting an online counselor could easily lead a person to finding the answer they seek. Online counselors are also the people to talk to if one has any concerns. It is important to remember that medication of this kind should never be taken without consulting a professional first. For any concerns or questions, it is also very important for one to contact their online therapist so that any possible negative side effects can be dealt with. It is also important to keep in touch with one???s online counselor in case the medication is not working the way it should so that the professional can change to a medication that will work.

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